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Tell me how to get back to

Back to summer paradise with you
And I’ll be there in a heartbeat”

I’ve been lsitening to this song and yeah, i felt like … yeah guys probably get it XD  <3

Just to celebrate summer, here’s a Gajevy art <3 

And oh.. i actually cropped the image. I made mistakes with gajeel’s other leg (and I’ve gotten terribly lazy) so i jsut cropped it ;3;  .. It’s been a while since I worked on an image with a “for reals” Backgroun cos I usually go for plain color BG and GIFs XD .. so yeah, it’s still a bit sketchy.

yes those silhouettes are Lucy, natsu & happy :3 <3

and oh, if you guys know about Kill la kill?? XD Gajeel’s shirt is based on that :3 It’s the pattern that can be found on Ryuko’s Jacket (episdode 1)

and I felt like Gajeel’s that type of person who’d actually get interested in those kind of stuff XD :3 .. not primarily an avid anime watcher but there are some that gets his interest, thus the Kill la Kill shirt X D:3 .. probably a gift from Levy (who most likely watches it too maybe? :>) so yeah.. Anyways… OuO)/ i find lily incredibly cute. 

PS: yes levy’s eye looks weird. I noticed as I finished typing this. XD :))) HOLY CRAP. I’ll… Do something about that XD LATER. it’s .. 12:43PM here in the PH already OuO)/

(Source: ficakes-fandoms)

  • Track Name

    Masayume Chasing

  • Album

    Fairy Tail Theme Songs

  • Artist



Season 2 of Fairy Tail

Opening song: Masayume Chasing

Artist: BoA

<3 ASDFGHJKL Enjoy! (lyrics below!)


Yume wo otte mayoikonda kokoro no mori no oku
Kagami yori sunda izumi utsuru yuganda Smile

Koboreta namida ha (Don’t Cry) kin demo gin demo nakute
Arifureta namida (Fall From My Eyes) megami mo kizukanai

Masayume Chasing Chasing
Koero motto jibun shijyou saikou no
Ima wo Chasing Chasing
Sou egaita jibun ni natta moyase mune no hi wo
Na na na na na na na Oh
Na na na na na Hey Hey
Na na na na na na na Oh
Kakenukero Hero

Na na na na na na na Oh
Na na na na na Hey Hey
Na na na na (Hey) na na na (Oh)
Moyase mune no hi wo (My Life… Yeah)


As I chase my dream, I got lost deep in the forest of my heart.
Rather than mirrors, it’s the clear spring, that reflected a warped smile.

These tears that I have shed (Don’t Cry), gold or silver they won’t be.
Those commonly seen tears (Fall From My Eyes), goddess won’t even notice them.

True Dream Chasing, Chasing,
Surpassing the greatest I’ve ever been even more.
The instant Chasing Chasing,
That’s who I’ll become, a person I’ve described, the flame that burns in one’s heart!

Na na na na na na na Oh
Na na na na na Hey Hey
Na na na na na na na Oh
The Hero who run past through that!

Na na na na na na na Oh
Na na na na na Hey Hey
Na na na na (Hey) na na na (Oh)
The flame that burns in one’s heart (My Life… Yeah)

Fairy Tail 😍😍😍😍

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